Sunday, March 15, 2009

Driving Cross Country Part II

Upon first glance this looks like an interstate stand for fireworks. It is just off I-40, on the eastern side of AZ, but I didn't see any fireworks for sale.  

Hubby called on the walkie talkie a few miles before the exit to announce that we'd be stopping at what would seem like a tourist trap. He was giddy about stopping.

And, it wasn't because he wanted a Navajo friendship handshake from proprietor, Frank Yellowhorse.  (But it was a perk!)
Hubby wanted to see where Frank's son, David Yellowhorse, made the fancy knives.  David doesn't actually make the knife, he does fancy handcrafted inlays - like a jeweler would.
We couldn't believe it; we just walked right in the shop, which was behind the tourist shop. Daddy Yellowhorse gave us directions and at the end said, "Just go right in, don't knock!"

David spent at least an hour with us, explaining the process of making the knife handle inlays.  

After our personal tour, we were famished and couldn't leave the state without tasting authentic Navajo fry bread.
This tumbleweed picture doesn't do justice for all the complaining in Part I. It is one of the reasons we stopped on Day 2.
And the only picture from the 14-hour drive on day three was of this windmill farm somewhere in east Texas.

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