Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Mother-in-Love

Not sure where I stole the term mother-in-love but it sure sounds nicer than mother-in-law.

My MIL is amazing.  Not only did she fly to Phoenix a week before we moved to help pack but she flew back to KY with one rowdy grandson.  A week later, she strapped him in the car and endured an 9-hr road trip to Little Rock.

Once here she worked her fingers to the bone - painting like a mad woman.  She has painted every house we've lived in, and even our first apartment.  If anyone deserves the title, Expert Painter, it would be this sweet woman.

This rent house needed extra love.  Will you believe she scrapped off purple tint from our front windows?  They look ten million trillion times better. 

[You need to watch this YouTube video to understand an inside joke from the last few days.  My MIL showed me this video on her iPhone when we were in PHX and we've laughed about it since.  It has been the conversation starter countless times.] 

So yesterday we were both weary.  And tired.  And ready to stop painting.  I said to her, "Will you run an errand with me?"  

She's so trusting.  She said sure.  We both were in our paint clothes and had not showered for the day.

I wish you could have seen the look of horror on her face when I pulled into Fancy Nails.  Giggling I told her, "We're having our nails done."

"Dressed like this?!"

You can see how our personalities extend to the fingertips.  Mine are red and hard as rocks.  Hate me.  My MIL prefers to be a wallflower.

It was super fun and an outing I won't forget in a long time.  It was my first time to have a real manicure.  And the nail techs were hard to understand.  :)


John and Pam said...

Julie, you are sooooo crazy and fun!!! Thanks for the memories, and the KIND words you spoke about me. I love you muchly!!
And I have been laughing again and again about the nails!

Anonymous said...

Very fun. I am sure you all had a blast! I love the video. The only sad part is that you haven't had your nails done professionally before NOW! They looked great all jazzy red.

Koko's mama said...

Oh, that post was so sweet :)You're both so blessed to have each other as a mother/daughter-in love.


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