Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing with a Dozen Kids

Usually Mr. Intensity drags his feet when it's time to get out the door.  Especially when it's early.  When I have to wake him to go somewhere it is potentially disastrous.

Hallelujah, not so this morning.

Gently nudging my extra-extrovert from his slumber, I started by saying, "Today you get to play with TWELVE kids."

Immediately he sat up and said, "But you said today I get to play with Gramm."

I'd forgotten about the promise of Gramm.  I'd also forgotten to tell him that I needed to be at FamilyLife for the morning.

"Remember me telling you about my friend in Little Rock who has TWELVE children?  You get to play at their house today.  We'll play at Gramm's this afternoon."

As if possessed, the child jumped out of bed and changed his clothes.  Minutes later he was standing by the door, "C'mon Momma!  Let's go!!"

Meet my friend, Leslie.  Her womb carried TWELVE children into this world (in only 15 years!) and a few are waiting in heaven.  She's amazing.  

When I arrived to pick up Mr. Intensity, she'd just finished working out and agreed to let me take her picture, 'cuz I knew y'all would want to see her sweet face.

She also sent me a picture from their 20-year vow renewal from last fall.  Can you imagine the bribing that went on to get all 14 people to look at the camera?!  

Her life and our friendship deserve another feature-length post.  In a nutshell, we both moved to Little Rock about 8 years ago.  She had 7 children then and I thought that was a lot!  :)  On Fridays, I went to her house for a few hours to do what I could to help.  My real motivation was to watch her rule the roost.
It goes without saying that Mr. Intensity (top of stairs) had a blast playing with "the little boys."  The Lord gave Leslie 5 boys in 5 years!

*Question for you*  I'm tossing around the idea of informally interviewing some moms who are a bit further ahead of the race than me.  There's a mother-lode of godly women here in Little Rock.  Is this something of interest to you?  Should I write up my findings or keep them to myself?


Leslie said...

I love your new picture. It is a great picture. Glad your back. It was good to see you friend.

i said...

i love reading interviews!!!

chrys said...

i love it! what a sweet family. i've always wanted a dozen kids.

i enjoy your blog! i'm glad y'all are getting settled in.


Mom and Kiddo said...

Share! Share!

Chrissy said...

I'd read it!

Ashley said...

12 kids in 15 years? Wow, I'd love to hear more about HER! Godly women who manage not only having that many babes but also the house in general really fascinates me! How does she do it? (Finances, cleaning, discipline, not going crazy, etc)!!

And, I'd love to hear about the other women you know and meet as well!

-Ashley (

Melanie said...

Share the wisdom, of course! :)

Charissa said...

Please share these conversations with us. What an awesome resource this would be!


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