Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recycled Treasures

My sister about died when Mom asked her to stop.  Ever the treasure hunter, Mom saw the potential in the discarded pots.

Mom went back to the curb after depositing my sister at home and picked them up.

I swiped them and painted them black.


Sherry said...

I never can understand what some people have against picking up something perfectly good that someone dumped on the curb. My husband is like that. He hates when I do something like this. But to me, I think you have to be crazy to just leave it there. :)

The planter looks great!

MajorScoop said...

black is Lauren's favorite color of paint too!

MajorScoop said...

Opps! That last comment was from Pam. I am at Lauren's painting the cabinets and tables and bar stools black.


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