Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home From KY

Mr. Intensity and I made it back to Arkansas yesterday, after 11 hours on the road. We stopped four times - at McD's to play and stretch for lunch, to run at an interstate rest stop, shopped at the Williams Sonoma outlet in Memphis and finally for gas.

Here's a recap of our week:

After time Hubby's parents' we met my mom and sister's kids in Lexington to play at the Children's Museum. The last time we were there, the block room wasn't open.
Mr. Intensity's all time favorite: the Wii.  It's what he remembers most about cousin Nolan's house.
This jungle gym at my parents' house is the one I played on as a kid.
My mom asked if we would get mulch for her flower beds from my brother's MAJOR MUCLCH operation.
My son's intense energy was channeled for a few hours.
He was such a good helper.

His reward?  A chocolate bunny for dinner [gasp!]
After returning the tractor to the barn, Dad and Mr. Intensity picked flowers for Mom and me.
It wouldn't be springtime without a baseball game.  My sister's husband, Daren, is a high school coach.  The kids were adding rocks to the doorstep of the dugout.    I regret not getting a close-up of the girls; they were applying bright red lip gloss. 

I really enjoyed the trip.  Now it's time to plant all the flowers I dug at Mom's!

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