Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boys' or Girls' Weekend?

Mr. Intensity and Hubby leave tomorrow morning to go camping.  They're meeting some of Hubby's college buddies and their sons at Land Between the Lakes.

I've got the weekend to myself.


It's been hard to decide which home improvement project to tackle.  Since I won't be cooking for anyone (me included!  I'm eating out.) I've decided trash my kitchen this weekend and paint these ugly cabinets.  Nester style.
Stay tuned.


CIndy said...

How fun, Julie! Have you ever used Kilz Casual Colors? It is amazing! In one coat (of light brown), it covered over a deep red/ wine colored paint in our bathroom. It's approx $22/gal at Walmart. They can tint it to any color ~ we used a color sample from Sears and it was perfect. Enjoy your free time! Cindy M

John and Pam said...

Wow Julie! I wish I were there to help....sorta.


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