Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Five Things for the 5th of May

1. If you didn't get a daily dose of laughter from CakeWrecks, make sure to read her tribute to Cinco de Mayo.

2. Dinner at our house: Spicy Black Bean Cakes.  Yummo.  Cheap-o.

3.  Mr Intensity said before dinner, "Let's go play outside, Dad, before we break something."

4. Pandora.com for free internet radio.  Holly told me about it - I'm so computer illiterate.  It's my new fav.  Just type in a song or genre that you like and it makes a station for you.

5.  It's rained more in Arkansas in the 2 months since we moved than it did all last year in Phoenix.  Over 8 inches.

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