Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joy Indescribable

This morning Mr. Intensity and I hit the road looking for garage sales.

After an hour of unsuccessful shopping, I was ready to come home. However, he wasn't ready. He still had money to burn.

The last stop we hit jackpot.

And I mean jackpot in the fullest sense of the word.

He scored an entire trashcan full of bottle caps. Beer bottle caps. Shiny metal bottle caps. These are way cooler than milk bottle caps. And, by the way, were much cheaper than the milk tops. The bottle caps were least to us. Someone paid big bucks to fill the bucket.

Can you believe it? FREE!! The best toys, ever, are the ones that are free!! I love America.

For evidence of the indescribable joy, see below:
Can you sense the jealousy in the other boy? Just imagine the conversation:

Mr. Intensity: Yeah, I was out garage sale-ing with Mom and WHAM! I struck gold. The chick at the sale wanted to give this entire bucket away. Can you believe it? She wanted me to take it off her hands, said she didn't want it. I had two quarters in my pocket but she wanted to give these to me. And I was ready to take them.

Boy in Red: Woah, dude. You are so lucky.
Within minutes the place was swarming with jealous kids. They all wanted to touch, examine, explore the endless possibilities of the bottle caps.

Soon, someone realized the tops were dirty and needed to be washed. So they set up a bottle cap washing area.
The kids have had so much fun with these caps today. Hours of fun. It's still making me laugh to think about how something so simple brings so much pleasure - to so many children - of all ages.
We are now known in the complex as "the family that scored the bottle caps for free at the yard sale."

And, I know you're dying to know what I wore as we shopped.
Jody Bryan (from Phoenix) gave me this rockin' belt last year to celebrate my man's seminary graduation.

And now my son possesses a boat load of beer bottle caps.
The irony.


John and Pam said...

You are hilarious!! What fun!!!

Sherry said...

what a find! :D

Bethany said...

That's awesome! ;)


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