Friday, June 26, 2009

Alzeheimers & Coconut Oil

I'm scared spitless about the degeneration of my brain. Both grandmothers suffer(ed) from Alzeheimers.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop linked to this article on coconut oil that says coconut oil lessened effects of Alzeheimers. It's a great article.

Just another reason to eat coconut oil!!

I buy mine by the gallon from here (unrefined) but you can also get it at health food stores.

Recipes for coconut oil::
-oatmeal bake YUMMY!! We've been eating it daily for over a month - sometimes with chocolate chips instead of apples
- just put it in your coffee or (hot) tea
- and other ideas


missy said...

i didn't buy the whole coconut oil thing until now. did i tell you my dad had alzheimer's? guess who will be going to whole foods this weekend??

Mom and Kiddo said...

Tumeric. Eat lots and lots of tumeric. India has one of the lowest incidences of alzheimer's in the world due to their consumption of this spice. Most curry powder doesn't have a lot... just use tumeric straight, sometimes you can even find the root (like ginger) at health food store. I add it to lentil soup and chicken dishes as well as curries and vegetables. A google search of tumeric and alzeimer's will tell you all about it.

i said...

we love coconut oil too....glad to know it as even more benefits than i knew before. :)


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