Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Housekeeper

OK, so I realize that saying "I have a housekeeper" is an overstatement. But doesn't every mother dream of saying it?

This lil' enterpreneur is vacuuming door-to-door. And I paid big bucks for her service (not really). I hope she'll come again. Although, she may be too busy with her lemonade and Dorito stand next week.

And Mr. Intensity? He's still rockin' with the bungee cords. The tree was connected to the stairs and foam puzzle pieces were hanging like ornaments.


missy said...

of course i love this post. and i love your housekeeper! thanks for employing her. she carried her money around for about an hour.

Sherry said...

door-to-door vacuum kid--boy, I could use one of those! ;)

John and Pam said...

Maybe he could send his ideas to the bungee cord company. It could be a new marketing technique!


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