Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun Summer Reminders

Mr. Intensity is loving being with so many boys his age, in this apartment complex. It's been really fun for me, too - to hear other moms share sanity saving ideas.

The ideas usually revolve around physical exercise. The more the boy moves, the less he crashes (and clashes!) into me.

Two ideas I've shared:
- Remember last summer's infatuation with masking tape? It started here then go here here and here if you don't know what I mean. Don't worry, it was recycled. Shelley even sent him ten rolls!
- Bamming anything, really - but summer isn't summer without ice. What's better than bamming ice?!

If last summer was the Summer of Tape, quite possibly this summer could be the Summer of Bungee Cords. He has had a blast with them.

Then again, our masking tape supply is dangerously low.

What fun summer ideas am I missing?


Julie said...

JI cracks me up! Eli is really into kicking the soccer ball...we are in Europe and riding his scooter. Loves them both and this runs off energy

John and Pam said...

Summer fun ideas....visiting family!! Come and see us, of course!


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