Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mr. Popular

Who would have thought that a trash can full of bottle caps would make him so popular?

Hubby came inside and said, "Have you see the posse outside? Grab your camera before you go."

The girls had turned up their dresses so they could carry more bottle caps. In the picture above, you can see the boy on the left doing the same with his shirt. The kids were all so thrilled to have some of the bounty.

I snapped the picture then walked inside. Minutes later I heard chanting. Quietly at first then enthustically louder, "Bot-tle caps ** BOT-TLE CAPS!!** BOT-TLE CAPS!!!"

He had them in the palm of his hands, just where he wanted them.

Mr. Intensity ran onto the embankment "OK, now, I'm going to throw these bottle caps like I'm in a parade and these are candy."

The children scrambled furiously for the pieces of trash, as if they were indeed candy.

He was relishing the fact they were listening and obeying his commands.

"OK, now, we're going to play hide and seek with these," as he tossed one on the ground. Again, the children scrurried to pick up the treasures.

I'm not sure what he enjoys most: giving away the bottle caps or having the children follow his orders.


John and Pam said...

Makes you wonder if Gen. Patton did things like that as a kid. What a character!!!

Julie said...

that is awesome... this must be an amazing summer for you, such a blessing he has so many kids to play with!!!

Sherry said...

Ha! Ha! That's awesome! :D

He's a natural born leader, that's for sure.

The Eberle Family said...

What a trip!! Love it!! You should be very proud at how he is sharing....good job Mom and Dad!


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