Thursday, August 20, 2009

Butterfly Grid

Our caterpillars turned to chrysalides earlier this week.  Anticipating their emergence, Mr. Intensity enjoyed this number grid / coloring page. I introduced it as, "This game is sort of like Battleship."  He was hooked.  I didn't tell him the shape or what he would be coloring.  

He was diligent for about 5 minutes then decided to take a break.  On his own initiative, he completed it in the afternoon.

Hat Tip: Thanks, Shannon!


Shannon said...

No prob! Glad you found something you could use!

The Hows said...

hi julie (salyer) majors! this is iris (ramil) how, sending my comment all the way from sherwood, arkansas. jeanette (evans) riesenburg told me about your blog and how you live in little rock. do you know the tillmans at family life? anyway, we should keep in touch and maybe get together sometime. you can check out our blog, too!

Julie said...

Iris! CRazY small world!! I tried to go to your blog but I suppose I don't have access. Could you email me? I can't see an email for you. my address is luvmyhub AT gmail DOT com.

chrys said...

love it! thanks for sharing!


Mom and Kiddo said...

oh my gosh! kiddo will love these!

John and Pam said...

Wish I could have seen his face as it dawned on him that it was a butterfly.


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