Saturday, August 22, 2009

Early Birthday

Mr. Intensity received an early birthday present.
The Major Grandparents gave him an air gun, shooting glasses and a spiffy target.  The gun is similar in style to one of Grandpa's newest.  Understatement of the year: little man is stoked.  
Hubby said, "This is a toy that needs constant adult supervision, it's like a BB gun."

My two guys made a late night trip to Kentucky last night.  Hubby decided last minute to go for a funeral.  They'll drive back to Arkansas tomorrow.

I opted to stay home (yay for time alone!) 


Sherry said...

brave, very brave. ;)

Erika said...

Boys and their guns, have fun with that one! :)

jojoebi said...

you are a braver mom than I!

A reader just commented to say the 100 board grid was 9x10 not 10x10, not sure how I managed it but I have fixed it, it is now 10x10 again...


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