Monday, August 3, 2009

First Day of School Part Two

Is it ever good to wake a child?

I feel like we've burned the candle at both ends since being home. It's no surprise that I had to wake him for the first day of school. Not once, but thrice I disturbed his slumber. Note bed head below.
Did you also notice the security rope and popsicle sticks?

As I mentioned before, we're doing a homeschool co-op where he's with other kids on Mondays from 9-3:40 (from 12:30-3:40 I pay $8 to let him stay...a steal for childcare!)  Basically, I drop him off at 9:00 and pick him up in the afternoon.  I don't have any responsibilities the day of the co-op.  The rest of the week, we work on memorization as well as the set curriculum and other fun things.  Beautiful situation for a first time homeschooling mom.

I was shocked when I took him to his classroom.  My extra-extrovert latched onto me like a leach.  I had to stay for the first hour.  Weird.  Not at all like last year.

I'm glad I was able to stay the first hour.  It's when the co-op worked on their memory facts.  Kindergartners through 5th grade assemble together to learn the same facts.
This week's facts include:
Historic Timeline (that I hope to get on video soon. Edit: It's here.)
Creation, Garden of Eden;
Noah and the flood;
Invention of the wheel;
First writing - Cuneiform; (during dinner tonight, Hubby whipped out a seminary textbook and explained about Cuneiform.  Good family discussions.)
Menes unites upper and lower Egypt.

Tell me about Cheops.
Cheops, a principal pharaoh of Egypt, spent over 20 years of his life building the Great Pyramid at Giza which was completed after his death in 2550 BC.

Latin roots:
photos - light
graph - write or draw
tele - far away or distant

What are the three components of the skeletal system?
axial, appendicular, and cartilage
What are the four types of body tissues?
connective, muscle, epithelial, and nerve

What is a noun?
A noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea.

Multiples of 2 to 24 (in a chant, using their fingers) and 3 to 36.

Granted, he won't fully understand everything he's memorizing but the boy is a sponge.  I want to at least fill him with vocabulary.

When I came to pick him up, he walked right past me.  He was too busy goofing off with his pals (pictured below in camo backpack).  If I counted correctly, there are 15 boys and 4 girls in his (morning) class.  Sure glad I'm not the teacher!  :)
Tonight we celebrated the big first day with a trip to Purple Cow for purple shakes.
They serve Yarnell's, made in Arkansas and is oh-so-yumm-a-lish.  Check out some of the specialty flavors, Arkansas style.
Because he had money to burn (thanks Magaw!) he bought a gum ball.
And maybe the highlight of the day was talking to a sheriff's deputy, who showed us his taser, billy club, handcuffs and even demonstrated the cruiser lights.  Below the officer is giving Mr. Intensity a sticker and tattoo.  Mr. Intensity is showing his camo wallet.
Overall good day.  

Even though it will take a while for us to get into rhythm, I'm looking forward to learning together.


i said...

i am starting to home school too this year... funny coincidence. what a nice co-op you have!!!

John and Pam said...

I am going to have to study to keep up with my grandson's kindergarten education!
Love the picture of him with the sheriff. And the smile on his face drinking a purple cow milkshake. What a great day!

reprehriestless warillever said...

This sounds like a great fit for your social butterfly -- with just enough kid-time to keep him happy while still allowing you to do the bulk of the teaching.

Bethany said...

It sounds like a great fit for your family :) I hope he enjoys it! :) I was homeschooled from 6th grade on, and my mom is still homeschooling my younger siblings. She's heading into her 14th year!


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