Saturday, October 24, 2009

Competition: Boo @ the Zoo

Mr. Intensity was in heaven last night at Boo at the Zoo. He loved the attention his costume afforded him.

At the gate, I knew it would be a really fun night when lots of people stared at his costume then grinned.  One zoo worker said, "Oh!  You just have to enter the costume contest!"  I didn't know there would be a contest but of course he would be in it.  That would mean more attention.

He made it to the top five finalist.  Below, left to right: Man Bat, WWI soldier (whose mother sewed the entire costume!), Criminal Scene Investigator, Snow Princess (very elaborate hair and make-up) and Mr. Intensity as Declaration of Independence.

The women on stage interviewed the children and asked why they chose their costumes.  The 9-yr.old in the WWI costume was a real pill; totally cracked us all up.  One emcee even said, "This guy is going to be the next President, or at least governor."  He said he loved history and wars.  The Snow Princess, when asked about her choice said, "My mom bought the dress when I wasn't with her."  The crowd roared.  More than one mother has been through the agony of choosing a costume.

So, when it was finally Mr. Intensity's turn to explain, the emcee assumed that his parents had also chosen the theme.  He beamed and said, "No, I wanted to be the Declaration of Independence."  She had wrongly called him the Constitution.  The nine-year old WWI soldier gave her a quick differential between the two documents.

Mr. Intensity was asked, "Where did you get the document?"

The computer.

"You must have a really big printer."

No, silly, we printed it at Fed Ex.

At this point, I was holding my breath, hoping that he wouldn't tell the whole world that I almost died when FexEx told me it was $6.50 to print one piece of paper.  It was a BIG piece, but I am a tight wad.

Totally worth every penny.  And I guess I just told the whole world my secret.

Mr. Intensity won 3rd place.  He was happy with that, which made me glad but of course I thought he should win Grand Champion.

His prize was a stuffed platypus that he named Beaver.


Bethany said...

Congratulations to him! I LOVE his costume! How did he come up with it???

John and Pam Majors said...

I am beaming with PRIDE!!!! Way to go JI!! The others were just impostors! You are # 1!! I love it!!

Sherry said...

"No, silly, we printed it at FedEx."--priceless! :)

Julie said...

Bethany, the costume idea was totally random brainstorming. He wanted to be a ghost but Hubby didn't like that idea. Lately he's taken a real interest in the Dec. of INdependence (don't know why, other than Hubby loves history). Anyway, when he mentioned it during the brainstorming session both Hubby and I said, "YES! That's it! Perfect!"

Megret said...

You tell the BEST stories! :) Love that costume, too.

Momma Snail said...

You just totally made my day!

Koko's mama said...

He's hilarious! I love his costume. And a belated congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so happy for you and will pray for continuous health.

SarahMaurer said...

This story and picture (just imagining the whole story play out) made my DAY! John Isaac is funniest/smartest/cutest 5 year old boy I know; right up there with my little buddy Zachary Wadas; love them both equally. Through the mouth of babes . . . . . . their magical/imaginative thinking blows me away and makes me wish I was a kid again; for just a day at least.


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