Friday, October 23, 2009

Why I Love Rwanda

6. the reconciliation and forgiveness since the 1994 genocide
5. no plastic bags allowed
4. abundance of avocados
3. wonderful weather (70 degrees year-round)
2. silverback gorillas
1. my husband is there.

He'll be gone for two weeks, teaching a class on the book of John, at a seminary in the capital city, Kigali.

One of the super fun things about his trip is that he's taking a stack of pictures to give to Alphonse's family. He's the Rwandan college student we've befriended.  His family lives in a remote village, without internet access.  Alphonse's uncle will meet Hubby in Kigali to get the pictures.


Mom and Kiddo said...

Good wishes for a safe and wonderful trip. And also to you for staying sane while he is gone!

ps. I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocados.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Gorillas in the Mist was always one of my favorite films...and I ADORE avocados!!! :) Had fun tonight!! Thanks for ALL your help! I was up VERY late last night (this is random, but...I had to wait until children had fallen asleep so I could sneak their "Silkies" from them and give them a washin' and dryin'...) and I've been a zombie all day. It's a wonder I didn't put something ridiculous like shrimp paste (well...we don't HAVE shrimp paste...but if we DID...) in the food tonight because I was pretty out of it.

SarahMaurer said...

Among the craziness at the park the other day w/Zach and John Isaac rumbeling and tumbeling (maybe throwing sand at another little boy) and he ill teenager I called 911 for . . . . I forgot to tell you that I am selling coffee from Rwanda . . . . It's from A Land of A Thousand Hills . . . .really neat organizaion/group that has gotten the 2 tribes who used to be complete enemies to work together and make a business/living out of growing, harvesting, and roasting their coffee. The greatest part is that 50% of the proceeds from each bag goes to my sister Anna's small/private/Christian school and the other 50 goes to the organization. The actual people of Rwanda doing all the work get double the amount of money they usually would from other business/jobs/coffee farmers . . . .hope John makes it home safe and sound from Rwanda . . . a place I would like to go sometime along with Uganda and Kenya during same trip. First though, I am praying abou going to Czech Republic/Croatia/Ukraine in 2010.


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