Saturday, October 3, 2009

Culinary Delights

Nausea comes and goes.  It mostly comes.  But when I'm feeling good, I like to be in the kitchen.

Bought five pounds of Arkansas Black Apples today at the farmers market.  The taste is similar to a Granny Smith with a twinge of cherry undertones. It was my first time to taste them.  In the picture it's compared to a Gala.  For some reason, the Arkansas Black Apple reminds me of the poisoned apple in Snow White.

Last night I made these Zucchini Nut Muffins with a zucchini from Mom's garden.  They were delish.  Substitutions I made were: for the oil - 1/2 c butter plus 1/2 c coconut oil.  For the sugar, I used all sucanat.  Lastly, I used one cup of whole wheat flour and two cups white.

Today I made sourdough cheese crackers (of all things!)  They just might be the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.  Definitely it was the best tasting today.  :)  If you live in LR and want some sourdough starter, I'm happy to share.

With all this to eat, a girl's got to drink something.  My new favorite: sparkling water.  Hubby has been drinking it for a while but I just could not coerce my taste buds to like it.  Today I put a splash of vanilla and maple syrup in the glass and it was just right.

Got a new favorite recipe I should try?

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