Sunday, October 4, 2009

Questions About the Big News

A former co-worker bumped into Hubby at the grocery store this weekend and said excitedly, "Congratulations on your big news!"

Mr. Intensity was nearby and grinned like the Cheshire cat.  Blurting out of his enthusiasm, "Yeah, I learned to ride my bike without training wheels!"

Hubby and the co-worker exchanged knowing glances.

Later, Hubby convinced me that we needed to disclose the real big news to Mr. Intensity.  The news that will rock his only-child-centered world: he's going to be a big brother.

We sat him down and said simply, "Next year Momma is going to have a baby."

Crickets chirped.

He slowly smiled then said, "How do you know?"

Hubby said, "Momma took a test."

What kind of test?  Where did you take this test?  Where did you get the test?  How do you know it will be next year?

Mr. Intensity is very concerned about this test.

Hours later he came to me again asking about the validity of the test.  He wanted to know more in-depth about the test.  How did I know to take this test?

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud.  Love him.


zanesmommy said...

I can just see it play out in our house that way! His world is going to be flipped upside down, but I am sure he will be a wonderful Big Brother.

John and Pam said...

I wonder what he will think when a teacher tells the class that they are going to have a test?

Julie said...

that is awesome!!!!

Mom and Kiddo said...

Hmmm, I wonder if he is worried HE might have to take this test! So cute.

Evenspor said...

Nice. You've got a good questioner there. My son's biggest concern when I first talked to him about a baby was if it was going to take so long to grow, "Just forget it."

Aisha said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! What an analyitical mind he has!

MerrandaVK said...

CONGRATS!! I am expecting in April. WE have also recently moved (Downsized and got out of debt - whoo hoo!) and with 2 in school at our local Montessori School and with my babysitting job, blogging is out the window these days. But once in a while I come back to my favorites! I am so happy for you.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

He is hilarious!!! Ha!! "Crickets chirped." (So are you!)


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