Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent Ideas

There are millions of ways to celebrate Advent.

Tonight I worked on putting together this punchable homemade Advent calendar.  With a boy who loves to "bam" - what's not to love about punching? Here's the quick reference pdf.

We're also using this for family devotions.  The patterns to cut/color are here.

What is your family doing to anticipate Christmas?


Becky said...

This is the first year I'm doing advent devotions and activities. I only wrote out the devotions for the first week and I am already burnt out!

Oh, I was giggling at the sight of Boy Jesus.

Heather said...

We do a Christmas book countdown. They get to unwrap a Christmas related book each day leading up to Christmas (or until we leave for our out of town trip this year). My mom made an advent calender that has a little gift and scripture passage to read each night. It is nearly identical to your punching cup calender, except there is no chocolate and no punching. We might try that next year. I have three boys and they would be all over that! ;)


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