Monday, November 23, 2009

This Made My Day

This morning was "Parents Day" at Comm. Central - where Mr. Intensity goes to a Homeschool Co-op. After the large group time (with K4- 5th graders) we went back to the classrooms.  Each child in Mr. Intensity's class made a place mat that depicted things for which they were thankful.  In turn, they stood and explained their creations.

I was speechless that he said he was thankful for me.  Just bursting with pride.

I almost did a little dance on the catwalk.

So, does this make me the Model Mom?


The Eberle Family said...

You are an amazing momma--it really isn't a surprise to me. But I understand the feeling of them coming up with that all on their own....makes you just beam with pride.

Hope you are still feeling better. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Pamela said...

That is so cute! How nice.


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