Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun Gift

My parents gave me cash for my birthday. With the money, I bought a new dresser.

One of the best features (probably the one
that sold me) was the fact that it has a secret compartment in which to store my jewelry. I am not born organized so usually my necklaces end up all over the bathroom counter. Lovely. My husband loves this dresser, too, because it means that if I want to wear said jewelry, I must clean the top of my dresser - which is usually stacked to the ceiling with clothes.

Mr. Intensity has also had the most fun with my birthday gift. With the box, that is.

In the picture below you can *sort of see* the door on the left that he cut.
What you can't see are the millions of holes that he "bammed" into the box with a screw driver.
Thanks Mom and Dad! We love it!


jojoebi said...

lol, sounds like your are about as organised as me! I remember as a kid we had a new washing machine and me and my brothers played with the box for months, we had it out in the garden all summer, it was the BEST washing machine ever!

Evenspor said...

Lol. That's me too. My husband gets tired of my piles of clothes.

Erika said...

What a fabulous dresser...I LOVE the jewelry storage feature, very cool!

Julie said...

that is so cool and you sound like me with clothes stacked on top, but I have a "chair" that I throw my clothes on. Zach would like to get rid of the chair... force me to organize


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