Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Standing in the toy aisle, he was deliberating how to spend $3. It was burning a hole in his pocket. I was more than ready to go.

The sidewalk chalk caught his eye. Not sure why, but I convinced him to forgo it and we could make some at home. He was excited at the idea but that meant longer in the store for me. Why do I suggest such things?! :)

Once home, we searched the internet for a recipe. Basically, just use equal parts corn starch and water then add food coloring and stir like mad. If you start with the cornstarch in the cup first, it will come together easier.

He did all the measuring and most of the stirring. Granted he made a bigger mess than if I'd done it for him but it wasn't that big of deal to swipe the counter with a sponge and call it a day. As he added the colors we did a quick review of primary and secondary colors. I'm always surprised at how well he remembers.

The weather has been gorgeous lately and these five colors occupied him for quite a while.
Welcome to everyone - except those who steal trucks.


John and Pam Majors said...

What a great idea! I miss him.

Christy said...

Did this today...it was great! :) Thanks for the idea!


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