Friday, April 2, 2010

Making Mayo

Call me crazy. I made mayonnaise.

Why? Um, I'm crazy. And wanted to see if I could do it.

Should I mention that GMOs are freaky? Most mayonnaise is made from sketchy GMO oils and who knows what else.

Wanting to make my own, for about a year as I've read food blogs, I've tagged the mayo recipes. Then I order a gallon of good quality EVOO from Chaffin Family Orchards. [BTW, if you're in LR and want to be a part of a bulk buying club let me hook you up.]

So yesterday I got serious. I started by watching a Vlog from Kitchen Stewardship. Then read Kelly the Kitchen Kop's recipe. And compared it to Sarah's, which is based on Julia Child's.

Artful and a French cook is what I felt like in my kitchen. What was the big mayo deal?! Why are so many people afraid of making their own mayo? This stuff was going to make some eggsellent egg salad.

Pride comes before the fall.

My mayo looked beautiful. However, within seconds it took a turn for the worst.

I'm thankful that I read Sarah's post because she said if this happens:

(it separates) not to worry. There's a way to fix it.

Her post coached me through the failure. She recommended starting with a teaspoon of mustard then adding a teaspoon of the separated mixture. And mix slowly.

I decided to start with another room temperature yolk -instead of the mustard- making a total of three yolks for one scant cup oil. It worked! Yay!
I'm still a mayo novice - so if anyone has links or other hints, please let me know!


J Shelby said...

Well the real question is how did it taste?!

Julie said...

It was a bit saltier than I expected...and could taste a hint of olive oil...but that is a compromise I'm willing to work with. I will make it again.

I think mayo is one of those things that will never taste the same twice. It was my intention to write down exactly what I used, but of course didn't.


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