Friday, June 11, 2010

Our New Pets

He found a turtle.

Built it a home, complete with a balcony. (After a while he released the poor creature.)

My pet? Water kefir grains! I plan to keep mine, drink water kefir and watch the grains multiply. I got them last night at a fermentation workshop.


John and Pam Majors said...

What fun to find a turtle.

Andy & Kiara said...

Oooh, Lucas would have loved to help him build that turtle habitat! He is all about that these days.

And have fun with your water kefir grains! Mine multiplied at a crazy rate (plenty to give away regularly), and then I eventually killed them. Oops. :) I haven't replaced them since keeping up with kombucha tea and raw milk kefir keeps me busy enough during these newborn baby days.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I wish you well on the water kefir grains. I got some a couple of months ago. Made two huge batches. And they were both disgusting. I banished the grains to the fridge until I can "deal" with them again.


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