Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feminine Friday

HB, Sister and I headed south to Dallas- Ft. Worth for the weekend for the True Woman Conference.

En route, HB did a very brave thing: removed the most gigantic grasshopper from my windshield. It was Gross with a capital G.

We met up with some Phonecian friends. Love those gals.

Hubby's boss, Bob Lepine, was the emcee.

Just before lunch on Friday, HB says, "Look! It's the Passionate Homemaker!" I flagged Lindsay down for a photo op. :). I hope Sister is like her one day.

We heard from the ever inspiring Kaye Arthur. Can y'all believe she's 77?!!

And 'cause everything is big in Texas - look at this star made of hats!

I was inspired this weekend and look forward to seeing my boys tonight!

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