Saturday, October 16, 2010

They're Home

Hubby and Mr. Intensity made it home safely. Both are in bed at 8:15. Hubby is feeling much better though has had a fever on and off the past few days. I'm so glad they're home.

Mr. Intensity loved showing me his plunder.

The baskets were given to them by Alphonse's family and were filled with fruits and veggies.

Tomorrow I'll get to see their pictures; tonight they just wanted sleep.


missy said...

glad they are home safely and feeling better. i SO wish i would have gotten one of those baskets in ET. i wondered how i would get it home on the plane. DUH...on bill's lap! :)

how cool that mr.intensity got to go along. i am sure they had many adventures. can't wait to hear more.

volscats said...

So glad they are home safe and sound. Hope they are all feeling well and recover from jet lag quickly.

jojoebi said...

glad they are back safe and sound, didn't realise Mr I had gone too - what a wonderful experience for him.


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