Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Love This Woman

Margaret Grudem has had a profound impact on my life. I am thankful for her beyond words.  Just looking at this picture makes me happy.
I met Margaret in Phoenix, when Hubby was thinking of going to seminary there.  Almost instantly I knew we would be kindred spirits.  She is so real.  So genuine.  She is an encourager - BIG time.

She helped me process some really dark days.  My first few months in Phoenix were very hard - when I was a new mom and didn't have many friends.  She organized a group of women that came to her home once a month - we cooked, ate, and had very rich times of prayer together.  It was a highlight of my time in the desert.

Margaret's husband, Wayne, just finished a book on politics.  Wayne was one of Hubby's professors in seminary and the main reason we went to Phoenix.  Dr. Grudem was interviewed on Fox News.

The Grudems were in Little Rock last week for Wayne to be interviewed on FamilyLife Today about his book.  It is very readable and logical - even for those (like me) who could care less about politics!  He also spoke at my church.

To listen to the broadcast go here.
To read the transcripts go here.
To buy the book go here for special offers. (or Amazon)

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