Monday, February 7, 2011

Learning Hymns

Hymns for a Kid's Heart, Vol. 2When we lived in Phoenix, our church had a "hymn of the month" that we would work on at home so the children would be familiar with it on Sunday.  The hymns were chosen from the book Hymns for a Kid's Heart, vol 2.

The book has stories about the hymn writers as well as devotions which helps the children (and adults) to connect to the song.  Also included in the book is a fully orchestrated CD with children's voices - and for those musically inclined - piano and guitar chords.

Our family enjoyed learning the hymns.  But we've fallen out of practice. (Rather, I've fallen out of practice.  Hubby and Mr. Intensity still sing at bed time.  Currently they're learning A Mighty Fortress is Our God in German.)

Trying to resurrect the discipline of memorizing timeless truths in song, I copy/pasted the words into a document for us to use during our homeschool time.  Mr. Intensity loves to sing.  He's so cute!

I plan on focusing on one song a month - or until we have a hymn memorized.  I'm going to laminate the pages on cardstock and put the "hymn of the month" in his workbox drawers.


John and Pam Majors said...

You are amazing!

Sherry said...

We just started using Vol 1 of that series and are planning to learn 1 hymn/month as well. :)


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