Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It started before 8 am and is still snowing at 2pm. Glorious day, indeed. I think it's about 6 inches, which is a lot for Little Rock.

Brother & Hubby went out earlier.

Sister and I watched where it is warm.

From yesterday:

Batman went with us to FamilyLife for a prayer meeting.

The Art of Marriage debuts this weekend, as well as Weekend to Remember conferences. And I wouldn't mind to go on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise. We prayed for the events and conferees. Brother passed out note cards: (he loved it, btw.)

l to r: Bob Lepine, Hubby, Scott Edge

Yesterday Bob was given a painting from one of my favorite vignettes in The Art of Marriage.

Free Fall from ProlifikFilms on Vimeo.

But today - snow. Love it.


John and Pam Majors said...

Exciting! Love the pictures of Caroline watching them in the snow.
Looking forward to hearing great things about the Art of Marriage.

Charissa said...

We had just a dusting but it has been so COLD. Glad the 60 weather is coming and I had my Dandy Blend to keep me warm without the caffeine. LOVE it - thanks for the sercy (sp?) It is so fun to get GOOD mail. I've already placed an order and I'm going to see if I can get others hooked.

Christy said...

Caroline reminds me of Reese watching Katie and Dad play in the snow. She desperately wants to be out there too!!!


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