Sunday, March 13, 2011

Menus on Monday

Life is crazy busy these days.  Baby Girl is crawling everywhere. We are in the midst of moving a mile away (details later) and painting every.single. room.

This menu is comprised of what I can make fast and relatively healthy.

Here's a list of meals I bought groceries for this week.  The order of meals will depend slightly upon evening activities (as in, if we go work on the "new" house after dinner).

Slow Cooker: Red Beans and Rice
Fish cakes + steamed kale (it's Lent, fish is cheap these days - be sure to read the labels)
tomato soup + grilled cheese
poached eggs in marinara
Thai noodle meal (meatless + cheap + fast)
PW's mac & cheese (becoming a regular and fav. at our house)
black bean & cheese enchiladas

Baby Girl, now 10 months old, is eating mostly bananas, boiled sweet potatoes - both mashed into homemade yogurt.  Occasionally I'll make a pot of soaked oatmeal and add to the mix.  About once a week I give her a boiled pastured egg, yolk only.  If I have chicken broth on hand, I'll mix some it into her bowl.  And, we're nursing 4 times a day - long ago she refused a bottle, probably because I didn't offer it frequent enough.  Mr. Intensity had a much more varied diet at this age (FYI - we moved to Phoenix when he was 10 months old.)

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Andy and Kiara said...

I'm glad to hear Brooklyn is not the only one with a limited diet. Her diet is almost exactly the same as Sister's -- minus the egg, for no particular reason. :) I keep saying I'll start giving her more. But aside from a bite of whatever we're eating we end up with her usual staples. At least she loves them!


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