Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Storms

Early Monday morning we were greeted with loud thunder and bright lightening.  The internet was knocked out and my freezer lost electricity.  The internet outage was discovered right away.  Unfortunately, we didn't check the freezer or see the puddle in the garage until Wednesday morning.  Thankfully, since we just moved, there wasn't much in it.

Friday morning at 2am Hubby and I were roused from our slumber by hail and strong winds.  Seconds later the tornado sirens.  We felt the safest thing to do was to go downstairs and wait it out in the hallway.  A few minutes later, the worst was over and we went back to bed even though the sirens were still blaring.  Our county is a large one and if there's a tornado warning for any part of the county, the entire county gets to hear it.

Those sirens, by the way, are unnerving.  As we were trying to go back to sleep, we spoke of the poor souls in WWII Europe who endured many nights of sirens.

When the sun came up, Hubby peered out the window and exclaimed, "oh my."  Our across the street neighbor lost a huge tulip poplar tree.
It was inches from slicing through his bedroom.  Really the pictures don't do justice.  LOTS of people have stopped in the street to take pictures.  It is a huge tree.

Our backyard:
I think the trampoline is unhurt.  Secretly, I'm thankful the water maple fell.  It wasn't that pretty and now I'll have more sunlight for a bigger backyard garden.  :)


John and Pam Majors said...

Glad there wasn't worse damage to your home. Glad no one was hurt either. PTL

mhutsell said...

HOLY MOLY! You got HIT! And that tree in your neighbors yard? WOW!


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