Monday, July 11, 2011

Car Games for Babies

It took us 9+ hours to drive back from Kentucky - most of which Sister let it be known that she DID NOT like being in the carseat. That girl has some lungs, I tell you!  Hubby or I sat next to her the entire time with hopes to help entertain.  Our antics didn't always work but here are a few things that did:

1.  Cutlery.  I don't know why, but spoons, forks, knives are incredibly entertaining.  Add a cup or two to the mix and you've got a party!  Sister is also fascinated by pens of all sorts.
2.  A purse or billfold - pictured below is a zipper purse that I won from bloggy friend Jo Ebi in Japan.  (She is one incredibly talented gal! Check out her Etsy shop.)  In the zipper purse I keep cards that I need but don't access frequently (insurance cards, blood donor card, gift cards, etc.)  Baby Girl also enjoyed pilfering through Hubby's wallet with lots of crinkly receipts.

3.  Snacks - of course every baby will eat their weight in snacks.  A new favorite for us is dates.  Pictured below are extruded dates.  You can buy them in the bulk section of the health food store or I've been ordering them from Azure Standard.  I like these dates because you can feed them one at a time (which helps to burn a lot of time) and because the baby can actually digest them (raisins don't digest at this age.)

pictured is a quart jar - it looks a bit out of proportion.  :)
We've got another 18+ hour trip coming up so I'd love to hear your ideas.

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jojoebi said...

that was a surprise seeing little sister with one of my pouches! Good luck with the car journey, i have no tips since I get really car sick, ebi-kun gets left to his own devices lol

John and Pam Majors said...

She looks so cute there. Thanks for the visit.


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