Monday, July 11, 2011

Week in Review

This was the third summer that my sister and I have enjoyed our brother's houseboat on Lake Cumberland. Our children especially LOVE being at the lake. This year they had so much fun with the "watermat."  The thing is humongous; all four children could walk on it at the same time.
Baby Girl even had her time to shine, though she chose to crawl instead of walk.
On our way to Louisville from the lake, we stopped at Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace.  I lived in Kentucky 24+ years and never visited.
The visitors' center had a mock cabin set up for the children to see what it could have looked like when Abe was born.
The actual birth site is where the temple looking building is.

In front of Hubby was the entrance to a spring.  Mr. Intensity let me hug him there.  Something was in the water, for sure.

Being HUGE fans of Theodore Roosevelt, we were very excited to see that he laid the cornerstone for the building.

Inside the fancy building is the log cabin that was originally thought to be the birthplace.  In the recent past, the History Channel came to do a spot on Lincoln's birthplace and after doing carbon dating testing realized that this could not be the original cabin.  It is however, very similar to what he could have been born in.

From Lincoln's birthplace, we went to Hubby's parents' in Louisville.  There we found Uncle Joel, Aunt Jen and cousins James and Naomi (who was born on the same day as Caroline).  I'm terribly bummed that I didn't get a better picture of the girls.
Mr. Intensity had a BLAST with fireworks - that Grandpa bought 50% off after the 4th of July.

It was a great week!

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Mom and Kiddo said...

Thanks for linking up! It's funny about not visiting landmarks in one's own backyard. It's so easy to forget to do it.

zanesmommy said...

So remember Lincoln's birthplace museum! So many fun memories of there growing up. Really hope to take our boys someday.


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