Saturday, July 23, 2011

The First 60 Years

Tonight Campus Crusade for Christ celebrated its 60th Anniversary in Moby Gym at Colorado State University.  I'm beyond thrilled that Mr. Intensity was in the crowd - to see pictures and hear stories of lives changed because of Christ.  Sister couldn't stand all the excitement and needed to go to bed at 7:30 so I watched on the internet from our room.

One of the first people interviewed on stage was a medical missionary to Brazil.  It turns out that this lady was the first person Vonette Bright led to Christ at UCLA.  The lady said she has written a letter to Vonette every year on her spiritual birthday. Vonette said the first 100 people that she shared Christ with became followers of Him and that is how she knew that she was in the will of God.  Bill, her husband and founder of the ministry, was keeping track.  :)

There were so many wonderful stories.  And heart-filled laughter.  Gotta love Bob Horner and his eyebrows.  Tim Hawkins is entertaining after the main session -Mr. Intensity is thrilled to get to stay up and hear his jokes.

Also tonight we celebrate Vonette's 85th birthday.  She is an amazing woman.  I want to be like her when I grow up.

My heart is full.

Tomorrow we will see more of God's incredible creation as we take a short family hike up Horsetooth Reservoir, just outside the city limits.

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