Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leaving Colorado

It was a refreshing conference. I'm so glad we came. (Dreading the return trip.)

Here are some fun memories:

Caroline climbing the stairs in Moby Arena during the main sessions. She would climb then stop and wave. Über cute.

Matching FamilyLife shirts. Need I say more? (they were free & "suggested" we wear them.)

The "short" family hike to Horsetooth was 4+ hours. We were all sore & everyone sunburned except Caroline. Gorgeous view of the Rockies.

Brother let Sister brush his hair.

So sweet.

Arkansas here we come!!! School starts Monday. Summer is over. :(


John and Pam Majors said...

So cute! I love the pictures. I'm impressed that JI let her brush his hair. Praying for your trip.

zanesmommy said...

Makes me miss my college days so much! Did you climb to the top of Horsetooth? LOVE CSU and Fort Collins.


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