Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

Friday afternoon he had a birthday party.  It was pirate themed.  While not suggested, he asked if he could go dressed as a pirate (since he already had the costume).  Of course!
At the party he received an eye patch and earring.  The teeth were already missing! 
Saturday morning, my helper hung diapers to dry.
 I've told y'all before, and will say it again: she just came out different from her brother.

Then Mr. Intensity and I went to the Arkansas Arts Center.
For his birthday, he asked the grandparents for season tickets to the Children's Theater.

Because we're season ticket holders (that sounds so fancy!) we were invited to make a craft before the play, Miss Nelson Has a Field Day.  He made a pennant to cheer on the home team.  I also bought a sweet treat (I'm such a softie!)
The theater is small and has open seating.  There aren't any bad seats.
 It was a very fun performance.
After the performance, we spied a hot air balloon preparing for take off.  So we had to go check it out.
 On Sunday, I think he was inspired to write his own play.  The parents were invited to view it (sorry, no cameras allowed).

 And, Sunday was our 12th anniversary.  We had a babysitter for Saturday night, but after dropping the kids off at the sitter's, my head hurt so bad I asked Hubby to take me back home.  I slept for 13 hours.

My mother-in-law sent this card.
Mr. Intensity said, "Magaw sends the best cards!" and went on to mention the punch line from 3 or 4 that she has sent.

And that was the weekend.  How was yours?


The Kinkel Family said...

I love Miss Nelson!!! What a fun treat to get to do the theater on a regular basis!

Mom and Kiddo said...

Hooray, the theater! That looks like a good bunch of shows that theater has. I can't wait until our season tickets start next month.

John said...

So glad you liked the card, and fun that JI remembered some of the others!


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