Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My 'Lil Painter

Earlier this week we walked down to the neighbor's. They were painting in the driveway. Sister has been dying to test her mad skillz with the paintbrush and I finally relented.
She was in heaven.
Today was one of my neighbor's 37th birthday.  We had a kid-friendly party in the driveway.  Complete with paint -- and birdhouse gourds. (Thanks, Mom & Dad for the gourds you sent...last year!)
Sister could have cared less about the gourds.  She was in her element with the paint.

Look at that diaper all saggy.  It was so cute.
Full-bodied paint, people.
Then I plopped her in the utility sink in my laundry room.  Yes, be jealous, I have a utility sink.
Bonus material - don't you just wanna eat her up?!

PS - For the record, my son would have never sat in a chair at her age.  He was in constant motion needing adult supervision and intervention at all times.

PSS - As of yesterday she is WALKING!

1 comment:

John and Pam Majors said...

So cute! I miss her. Thanks for all the pictures. She is so sweet!


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