Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

Saturday, after going to the farmer's market, we checked out the Family Day at Heifer.  Their international headquarters is here in Little Rock.  Note the tree hugger in red, below.
There we learned some differences between locally grown foods on small farms and foods grown industrially.  Below you'll see Mr. Intensity doing {intense} jumping jacks to illustrate the energy or resources used to get a tomato from the farm to the table.  It is no surprise that locally grown tomatoes use less energy.
But the bigger point driven home in my mind is the fact that fewer chemicals are sprayed on locally grown produce.
We also learned that this is a rabbit, not a bunny.  Rabbits are eaten; bunnies are pets.  Heifer gives animals to poverty stricken people around the world to help them have a sustainable source of food and income
Sister really liked the animals though she would not touch any of them.

On Saturday afternoon one of our neighbors hosted a tailgating party on their porch.  They even moved the TV out there so we could watch the Hogs loose play.  The weather was perfect for sitting on a porch and chatting.
 The boys played football in the yard while the men watched the game.

That was our weekend. What did you do? Be sure to link up with Mom &Kiddo.

 {Thanks to Mom & Kiddo, I know that there is a difference between less and fewer. These kind of grammatical mistakes drive her crazy.  I couldn't participate in her round-up and make a blatant mistake.  Confession: I had to look up the differences.}


John said...

What fun:)

Mom and Kiddo said...

I probably shouldn't be so snobby about the less/fewer distinction. I certainly make plenty of other grammatical mistakes. :)

Thanks for linking up, it looks like a fun weekend.

Phyllis said...

We have a rabbit that looks a lot like that one!


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