Friday, October 28, 2011

The Neighborhood Hangout

I love this tree.  Not only is it BEAUTIFUL right now, but my son loves this tree.  He has taken to spending most of his awake hours in the limbs of this sugar maple.  That's not much of an exaggeration. At one point Hubby and I were concerned that the tree would be damaged from excessive climbing, bungee cord wrapping and other abuse.  We decided that the tree could probably take it from a seven year old.  I hope.
Admittedly the above picture is not the greatest.  I wanted you to get a feel for the placement of the tree.  From my kitchen window, I can see the tree.  Most of the time I also see a monkey in the tree, except when he is wearing camouflage.  Then I must look for the movement.  The window to the left of our front door is the dining room.  We can see the lovely tree from there, too - as well as all the other happenings on our street.  The dining room is one of my favorite places in the house and it is next to the kitchen, both in placement and where I spend my time.  :)

At lunch today we could see "TRUTS" as Sister likes to call trucks.  Of course Brother wanted to check them out.  I called the other stay-at-home momma on my street, she gathered her brood and we walked up the street to the action.
Sister took her place on the porch of our up-the-street neighbor, finding Race for the Cure paraphernalia to wear.  I love that she knew what to do with the lei!

Brother and the other neighbor kids ran around like kids should on a perfect fall day.  Outside.

The porch we were sitting on, those neighbors, weren't home.  I texted the owner to tell her we had porch envy and were missing her; she was missing the action.  That neighbor was very sad to be at work.  My heart was full that I was at work.  

At about 3:30 the busses start rolling home and the teenage girls are milling up and down the street.

When I talk with these girls, I am so glad that I am not an 8th grader anymore!  Oh the drama that happens between the six of them.  But I love that they want to come play in our yard.  Well, at 14 years old, one does not actually play except with their cell phone.  Their bodies are with us, though they are probably dreaming of being elsewhere.  I am glad for their presence, at least they are not alone in front of a computer screen.

Nonetheless, Mr. Intensity tries to entice them to play tag, climb his tree, jump on the trampoline or other shenanigans.  The preschool girls like to build salads from weeds, jump on the tramp, play in the Little Tykes Car in the driveway or just sit in Momma's lap.

My heart is very full when they are all here.  It seems like our house is beginning to be the place to hang out and I love it.  I want more of it.

Since the weather is more tolerable, we are outside a lot.  One of my neighbors is an architect and sent me a link to where the author intentionally made elements of his yard to attract neighborhood children.  The space is used like a front yard family room.  What a fabulous idea!

Hubby and I would like for our front porch to be more inviting, a more usable space - maybe where we could eat outside.  No rush though.  A few weeks ago we ate outside as if it were normal to eat in the front yard.

For now, I'm living a dream.  Life is good.  I am content.  


Steph said...

This post made me smile. Thanks for sharing it :)

Mom and Kiddo said...

Love all of this! I always love it when my friend has a bbq in her front yard, i.e. the sidewalk.


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