Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

Last Monday Hubby and Mr. Intensity went to Kentucky for Hubby to work on raising new financial support.  I had high dreams and aspirations of crossing a lot off my "to do list."

BUT I was stricken with a very horrible stomach ailment.  I didn't eat for 2.5 days, or do much of anything for that matter.

Then the heavens parted and I felt better.  First on the list was painting the kitchen.  It will be a while (weeks, months? years?) before we are able to install a tile backsplash like we want, so I decided the next best thing would be to paint it.

When the countertops were replaced, we just pulled off the old backsplash.  It's textured with glue and stuff.

First pass was painted two tones: pacific and quarry (darker).  Lots of friends came over and gave their advice.  In the end, I decided that it is my kitchen and I can do what I like.

So I painted over the lighter pacific.  Eventually the backsplash will be a lighter color so it will help the kitchen to be lighter.  Let's face it, I have a HUGE kitchen and could paint it all black and it would still look huge.

I also got out the spray paint.  Two very 80's brass lamps were blessed with a new persona.  They are so much happier now.  I only wish I'd taken before pictures.
And I began painting these plantation shutters.  There are SIX of them.  Four cover the below window and two more on another window.  (A big shout out to my neighbor, April, who gave me the plaid chairs and has helped me with decorating.)

Meanwhile, Mr. Intensity is loving being spoiled in Kentucky.  He lost another tooth this week.

A trip to Bass Pro Shop found him as the new owner of this cross bow. (The other grandparents also spoiled him - with a Lego set - but I don't have pictures of it.)

As if driving nine hours to Kentucky wasn't enough, they decided to drive three more to visit more family in Indiana.  In red is Gretchen, one of Hubby's favorite cousins.  To her left is Joel, Hubby's brother who lives in Louisville, KY.  On the very end in pink is Naomi, who was born on Caroline's birthday...mere minutes before Caroline.

Speaking of cutie Caroline...she helped scout out the new donated cypress boards that will be used for raised beds in our neighborhood's community garden.

I decided to pick all the green tomatoes in my raised bed this weekend.  Fingers crossed that they turn red.
The boys came home about 7:30 last night.  Sister was over the hill excited that Brother was home.

Here's a funny story that I've told lots of people this week: She would walk around the house looking for Buh-boo so I decided to call him.  I asked that he just speak on the phone.  Ever the obedient child he clammed up and wouldn't talk.  Then he decided to growl/roar, very loudly, like a mad animal.  I thought it was rather frightful sounding.  Sister thought it was the most hilarious thing.  I suppose that is the sound she hears most from her brother.

That's our week/end.  How was yours?
Come play with Mom and Kiddo and tell us all about it.


Mom and Kiddo said...

So glad you are feeling better! Personally I like that you chose the darker color. With white cabinets it looks lovely. But then I love the dramatic. We had a painted backsplash for a long time because I could not choose a tile. When I had a designer pick my paint colors I also had her help me pick the tile. It sounds like a luxury to some. I can do many things on my own but 2 I cannot: fix my own plumbing and choose colors!!
Thanks for linking up. :)

John and Pam Majors said...

Wow, I am behind on your posts, but I love to read about your time while JI and John were at our house. What cute pictures of Caroline. I love your kitchen! Way to go!!


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