Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Wheat

The threat of frost looms at the week's end so today I pulled up my last two bell pepper plants. Which, by the way, still had fruit on them.
The kids had fun digging in the soft soil.  This summer I used grass clippings as mulch to help retain moisture.  We turned it under the soil.  Then we planted a winter wheat crop, using the same wheat berries I use for bread making.  The cover crop will help to revitalize my soil - details here.
Sister says, "This looks like chocolate but it definitely does not taste like chocolate!"
To help disguise the wheat berries from the birds, we added rice hulls to the top of the soil.  I got them at the farmers market this summer with intentions of adding it to my compost.  However, most of my food scraps go to the freezer and eventually to my farmer's pigs.  Composting, in the traditional sense at my house, has come to a screeching halt.

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