Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

My weekend started Friday morning because that is when I taught Mr. Intensity to do his own laundry. Don't be fooled by the dramatic face. He was excited about learning.

Speaking of Brother, here's one of his antics from this week. It's only 18 seconds long and will probably make you laugh out loud. Well, at least I did. (BTW, my dad asked what she's carrying.  It's a Cheetos bag that she found on a "nature walk."  Brother filled it with pinecones, acorns, etc.)

Sister has a miniature tree in her room (from my sister).  She is actually posing here.  The first picture was blurry and when she saw it she went back in front of the tree and stood.  Hilarious.  Can we say, "Diva?"
Family fun at the Majors': diving 25 pounds of oats.  We eat a lot of oats 'round here.
Sister loved this activity more than any other.  She played in the spilled oats for a looong time.
Remember two years ago when he scored the trash can full of bottle caps?  They're still in our possession.  Today's game was to flick them in the bucket.  Sister just loves picking them up, all the while singing Barney's "clean up" song.
The birds were fed this weekend.  Our feeders have been empty a few days.  We all enjoy watching them eat while we eat.  As if adding to the table's conversation, Sister will periodically point and shout, "BIRD!" when she sees one perched.  Her chair is closest to the window.
Yes, that is Brother without shoes.  It is December and the thermometer read 30* when I took this picture.  He played barefoot most of the day.  Outside.  I am not barefoot inside.
Daddy jumped on the trampoline with him.  
Have I posted this one before?  At least it has been a while.  It is Mr. Intensity with extensions...or me when I was six.

Come, play along with Mom & Kiddo - post your weekend shots.


Mom and Kiddo said...

Looks like it was a nice, easy-going weekend. Glad you were able to link up again.

John and Pam Majors said...

Way to go Julie on the laundry! The down side is boys don't really care if their clothes are clean or not, so be sure to continue to check that he wears clean underwear. :) Also, why did you have him put on a blue dress? You two look so much alike!


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