Friday, January 6, 2012


Sister has been incredibly clingy (read: cranky) the last week.  Thankfully the last two days the weather has been incredible.  Like 70* and sunny, incredible weather for January.  Just another reason to love the south. 

Being outside is what the doctor ordered.  It makes us all happy - especially when I have dinner thawing, or in the crock pot.  (Usually I don't want to go outside because I'm trying to do something in the kitchen.)

So, if you have cranky babies, children (or a bit cranky yourself) go outside.  Just GET OUT.  Take a walk.  Sit in the grass, climb a tree, pick up trash, visit a neighbor, make a new friend, pet a dog, look for leaves, insects, etc.  It will do you all good.  All y'all.

On another note (but probably of greater importance):  if you are a mother of young children, you must read this post.  Right now.  Click here.  Be encouraged.

Then go outside.


Steph said...

We've had unseasonably warm weather here in northern California as well. We spent most of last week outside working in the yard and I've been able to air out the house every day for the past two weeks.

John said...

Nice weather! It is nice here in Kentucky too. :)

volscats said...

I read this post and LOVED it too!


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