Monday, February 13, 2012

John Isaac's Version of AFB Tour

My name is John Isaac and I am reporting about my trip to Whiteman Air Force Base in Central Missouri.
First my dad spoke there at the national prayer breakfast. We had breakfast and met general Vander Hamm. I got my own name tag that said “Master Majors” and four Air Force coins. Daddy bought me a bottle opener dog tag and blousing straps. And I got a B-2 Bomber shirt, a B-2 notepad and a B-2 pin. I also got a 509th missile wing pin and another in the shape of a shield. I really liked it.

Next we went to Oscar One - it was a huge underground bunker, like a castle, that had huge missiles in it. 
I got to pretend to launch a missile and I got to try to close an 11 ton door.

There were two hatches - there was another door that weighed 8 tons, but I didn’t get to close it. The door on top of the missile could either slide open slowly or be blown off with explosives in an emergency. When the Air Force tested blowing the door off, it hit the 8 foot fence and slid the fence so that it took everything on the surface with it.

Then the second part of the tour was the B-2 Bomber. The B-2 Bomber was really cool. It had lots of buttons and computers and nuclear bombs.
Then we got to go to the chapel. It was meant for both catholics and protestants. Chaplain Bartoul showed it to us.

{The End}

You can read Hubby's version here.

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John said...

John Isaac, I LOVED your post! I can tell you really enjoyed the trip. What a nice memory for you. Ask Momma to take pictures of your B2 shirt and other items; I'd like to see them. Your story was well written. Did you type it also?
I love you,


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