Monday, February 13, 2012

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

The first day I saw this bird out my window I was excited.
I thought, "How cool is it that I can watch a woodpecker so close?"  We watched her a few days and my husband said he thought it was not a woodpecker but a yellow bellied sapsucker. (Females have a red crown but not red throats.)
After searching the internet and confirming with a few friends, I too believe it is a yellow bellied sapsucker.   Have you noticed what she is doing with the bark?
I'm afraid that unless I intervene, the tree will die (many internet sites confirm this, too.)  Today it was too cold.  Tomorrow I hope to rig up an impressive red-neck contraption to discourage further destruction.
This bird, along with many other woodpeckers, are protected by the federal government.  Do you think Uncle Sam would miss one on my street?  Just kidding.


John said...

Yikes! I see now what the bird has done!! You do need a cat! An aggressive cat!

John said...

I just now read your comment about the bird being protected by the Feds. Okay, so they have nothing else to do but check on birds? There are no foreign enemies to protect us from? Who comes to your house? The FBI-Federal Bird Investigators? I can see it now, Mother arrested for killing a bird! Crazy government! PS why aren't; the trees a protected item? Then you could throw the offending fowl in a cage and kill two birds with one stone.


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