Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

We're celebrating Lent by "test driving" a new resource created by Barbara Rainey (not yet released).  This week's devotion was from Exodus 12 where God explains how he will passover the Israelites.  From our discussion, Mr. Intensity and I decided to hang red fabric instead of painting blood on our door posts and lintel.  By the way, the fabric was only $2/yard.  I was excited it was so cheap.

Saturday was St. Patrick's Day and we wore green.  Lots of it.  We even celebrated after dinner with mint chocolate chip ice cream (that wasn't green).
What is more green than building a community garden?  I made red beans and rice for the work crew's lunch.  You can see more pictures here.
During nap times this weekend I worked on making aprons for an upcoming bridal shower I'm hosting.
The female portion of our family cheered the Cats on to VICTORY!
 She also wore a retro outfit from 1978.
 The weather this weekend was perfect for playing "sou-side!"  That's how Sister says outside.
How was your weekend?

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