Thursday, March 15, 2012

Filling Up His Love Tank

Quality TIME is Mr. Intensity's love language. Today I attempted to fill up his tank. Mid-morning we headed downtown to ride the trolley. He's been asking about riding the trolley since the debacle before the Arkansas Flower Show.
Gramm and Holly Bertram (HB) went with us.
After the loop around town, we ate at The Root Cafe - where, if you found a four leaf clover, you could redeem it for a giant homemade cookie.  I told HB that I had an uncanny knack for finding them.  Then found one.  The boys found three near the one I found.  HB mooched off the boys' success.
Once home, Sister was ready for a nap.  Then my rain boots arrived via FedEx (from a screamin' deal on Piper Lime).  Hubby was working from home today so Mr. Intensity went on a creek walk.
We went "the back way" from our house to the park.
And stopped to look at a few things.  I have no idea what kind of plant this was, though it reminded us of parsley.
These gel blobs looked interesting.  Eggs of some sort - maybe snails?
This bush will be perfect for our Easter crown of thorns.  We decided to go back another day with snippers.
Once or twice he needed to stop to refill empty the boots.  "Mom, your boots are just higher!"
The most exciting sighting was this log of scat.  From reading Living and Learning blog, I think it was a fox.  Before reading their nature walk entry, I would have assumed it was a cat or dog.
It's been a fun, full day!

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John said...

What a great day! Thanks for the pictures. So glad you had such nice weather for the trek through the creek. Memories :)


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