Friday, February 24, 2012

Arkansas Flower and Garden Show

Today's field trip *might* have been a little self-serving. We ventured downtown to the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.  I think you will see by the pictures I wasn't the only one who had a good time.

He tested these chairs for their readability.
This hammock chair would be perfect for his room (in another color, of course.)
Career opportunities abounded.  He could have talked in this booth all day.  It was a tree-trimming climbing service.  I asked the vendor about my yellow bellied sapsucker problem, and he seemed to think that it would not kill the tree.  Thankfully I can report that the foil has foiled the bird's efforts.

The highlight of the show was this train display.
Below she's holding a balloon.  We lost 4 today.
One of the conductors was quite friendly.
The following picture I took because I want something similar (flagstone, pergola, sitting area) at our house.
We did make a few purchases.  I bought several root starts (not sure that's what they're called) for native flowers (read: will withstand heat and poor soil) and will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  We found a little something unusual for the dads in our lives - of course I can't show pictures or a link because they read this blog.  :)

On our way out, of course he needed to sit one last time on the digger.  The little green bicycle pot holder next to him was a splurge for me.

Below: he's holding the bike while we rode the shuttle bus that looked like a trolley.  I made the mistake of telling him at home that we would be riding the trolley from the parking area to the convention center.  When will I learn to stop exposing my cards?!  I suppose I read the website incorrectly.  He was very disappointed that it was a bus and not the trolley...almost a deal breaker and we almost went home before getting out of the car.  Not pretty.  But getting to ride in the back of the bus like this almost made up for the fact that it wasn't a trolley.
Once home I was motivated to turn under the wheat grass/cover crop in my raised bed.  I'm so happy spring is here!!!

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What a nice trip:)


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