Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Our neighborhood is starting a community garden. Hubby helped with the first garden box on Saturday more pictures here.  I am so super excited about this!!!  The gardens will be close to the pool and is an effort to bring the generations together.  Most older people do not use the pool (and there are many original owners still in the 'hood.)
I made 2 gallons of yogurt.  It is not hard to do (recipe here) and tastes so much better than store bought (in my humble opinion).  Store bought yogurt is too sweet for us.  And this is an easy snack for the kids.
The weather was gorgeous this weekend.  Brother played out back with neighbor girls; Sister tried to get in on the action (they mostly ignored her.)  Yes, that's a gas can in water.  I think the gas had evaporated and the can was empty.  Or at least I hope.
I worked on cleaning out my flower beds after being inspired at the Flower and Garden Show.  Below are the names of two root starts I bought at the show and planted this weekend.

Hopefully it will grow up to look like this:
and this:
Now I need to find someone who has too many black eyed Susans and purple cone flowers.  Don't you think they would look nice all together?  Especially once clipped and in a vase.  :)

Also this weekend - Girl Scout Cookies!!  We ate waaay too many.  Samoas are my favorites.

Tomorrow, I'm going to teach a friend how to lacto-ferment.  We're going to do a gigantic batch of radish relish.  I've only seen pictures of her root stash but it appears to be at least 20 pounds.  I hope to remember to weigh everything when she gets here.

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Mom and Kiddo said...

Very nice. I just couldn't keep up with Weekend Snapshots. Too much pressure.


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